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Oakland Estates in Old Coins and Precious Metals

Oakland Silver & Gold works with estates of all sizes that are moving in or out of positions in old coins, physical bullion and investment grade precious metals. These items encompass many things, including:

  • Gold Coins
  • Rare Coins
  • Antique Coins
  • World Coins
  • High volume of gold or silver bars
  • pre-1964 U.S. 90% Junk Silver Coins
  • Old boxes or bags of unsorted coins
  • Meticulously collected coin sets and coin books

Each estate has a unique set of circumstances. When inheriting an estate, it may have items that need to be appraised or sold. OSG are experts working with these sort of collections on a daily basis. Sometimes coin collections may have tremendous value, and other times the items may be worth no more than regular spending money or pocket change. OSG has full sets of coin reference guides and coins on hand to help identify and explain the value of collections to people who may otherwise be complete novices in need of expert consultation. These estate appraisals are offered over the counter, with no appointment necessary during regular business hours. However, with extremely large collections calling in advance is recommended.

"Almost every day we are open someone brings us 'Grandpa's Old Box of Coins' to sort through, appraise and make cash offers for."

Sometimes estates are buying into postions of coins or precious metals as a way to store long term value over time. Deals in the five figure and six figure and even seven figure dollar volume are not uncommon. Oakland Silver & Gold can help customers make informed decisions about which products to purchase, what items have the lowest margins over spot price, which items have more upside potential over time, which items travel best, which items are easiest to sell and more. Purchases of investment grade precious metals of any size, large or small, are possible through the shop, with substantially large orders being brokered over a time period of a few business days.

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An estate is the net worth of a person at any point in time. It is the sum of a person's assets - legal rights, interests and entitlements to property of any kind - less all liabilities at that time. The issue is of special legal significance on a question of bankruptcy and death of the person.

Depending on the context, the term is also used in reference to an estate in land or of a particular kind of property (such as real estate or personal estate). The term is also used to refer to the sum of a person's assets only.


In context of probate, the estate of a deceased person consists of all the property, whether real or personal, owned by the person at the time of death. Assets that pass to somebody else by operation of law (for example, property held on a joint tenancy basis), do not form part of the deceased estate, even though the person had rights to that property during his or her lifetime. Also, if the deceased owned life insurance and nominated a beneficiary of the policy, the proceeds of that policy would not pass into the deceased's estate, but would go directly to the nominated beneficiary. Similarly, superannuation death benefits can go directly to a deceased's dependent, bypassing the deceased's estate. (See will and intestacy) The estate of a deceased person is administered by an executor (in the case of a will) or administrator (in the case of intestacy). The function of the executor and administrator is to protect the assets of the estate, pay out all expenses and the decedent's liabilities and distribute the balance in accordance with the directions in the will.

Oakland, Alameda County

Incorporated cities in Alameda County include: Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, Dublin, Emeryville, Fremont, Hayward, Livermore, Newark, Oakland, Piedmont, Pleasanton, San Leandro.

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